I’m so glad today is a leisurely day, and I get to share with you that it’s Ch4rl13Sm1th’s anniversary! Steve nicknamed it a blogiversary, hence the title of this post. As for the title of the blog itself, I haven’t come up with a better name for it yet, but at the same time don’t think I mind it either. A year ago today I reflected on the way I live my life and wondered how to do more. An introvert with a story to tell, I have enjoyed writing for years after somehow not associating it with the chore of doing school assignments. Starting a blog and not having it backfire on me gave me courage to write the rough draft of a novel, and accomplishing such a task in 30 days has led me to feel invincible and most of all like I matter. That might be a big leap and hard to explain, so just take my word that I feel like a better person because of having the courage to write.

Initially I signed into my account to do a little post about all the knitting I was able to accomplish and what that looks like. I was inspired by Kristin’s post about how she did presents last year and wanted to show off how I managed my time well enough to squeeze in some pretty knots.


Edward wants me to call them Bags of Holding and I can’t think of a cooler name for it. I made one for each of the kids that would be home for the holidays except for two, who both have a pair of knit baby booties.

The pattern for the bags is available here, though I give more details on my experiences on my Ravelry account. I was raving to Ed about my accomplishments when I knit four for the Girls and Guinevere tried to snatch them all up, so I understood she would appreciate one as well and made hers in turquoise. I put a Baoding ball in since she isn’t quite old enough to find something better to put in it herself and made a longer string so that when she’s older she can practice her dexterity tying and untying it. She loves shaking it around for the music. Knowing that the first thing the Girls would do was sniff the fake flowers, I sprayed rose perfume into them. Geraldine was the first to catch it, as I expected.

20151213_175335 - Copy.jpg

I knit some for the grown-ups as well, matching Edward’s to his two sets of die and increasing the size accordingly. Mine being the first it has the most mistakes, but I still love having a customized, hand-made pouch to show off.

Daisy was kind enough to share her yarn with me earlier last year, which gave birth to Seamus and ALL THE BABY BOOTIES I made. Every day at work I had a booty to knit and became somewhat famous for it.


And for myself, I really wanted pretty fingerless gloves. My mother had given me a few skeins of brown acrylic yarn a few years ago. I feel like brown is her color, and if I knit it into certain shapes my artwork gets called certain things I would rather not associate with my craft. I tried using it up to make fingerless gloves, borrowing patterns from Google to get the size and adding in a cable stitch to make it pretty. Then I learned from my mistakes and made a shorter set in ribbed, and the day after I mended one of the gloves I lost the other and became rather depressed about gloves. I gave it another go this year to play with an amethyst wool yarn Danielle got for me and am pretty satisfied. The left one is too small, but it was painstakingly made and so I’m going to show it off anyway.

I think I did pretty good with my timing, since Christmas presents were all finished before Christmas, meaning I completely bypassed the last minute shopping that the holiday is famous for. Some were done during the month that I wrote over 50,000 words. I didn’t include a picture of the little basket thing I knit up for Danielle to hold the miniature spa kit I assembled for her because it is embarrassingly ugly, but what I can take away from the experience is that it is interesting knitting with strips cut from T-shirts and pillow cases.


Daisy’s News

Embarking on a new adventure.

Daisy picked me up from work in her Volks Wagon beetle. The sky was beautiful, a pink glow emanating through the blurred outlines of rainclouds in the distance, grey as stone. “So what was the result?” I demanded as I clambered in.

“Did Ed not send you the picture?”

“What picture?” I hate feeling left out. It’s usually because of my job, too.

“Oh, I guess he didn’t. It was positive.”

“I called it!” I pumped my fist into the air. It’s like after having a baby, I can sense a pregnancy. I’ve been thoroughly convinced that each of the ladies and Daisy were pregnant just as they started to consider it a possibility. Daisy tried to discredit me by saying that one of the other ladies said it first, but I assured her I’d been certain of it for longer. “Do you still have a test left?”

“I should somewhere, I have to find it.”

“Could I use it? Don’t tell the others, though. They still have to testify, and I don’t want the petitioner’s attorney pointing out that we’re pregnant without insurance.”

“It would probably be better if you wait until after you testify,” she advised.

I retorted, “I already testified. The others still need to though.”

“Oh I got you.” She concluded by holding out her pinky. I obliged and wrapped mine around hers. “I won’t tell anyone.”

Birds of a Feather

Love blossoms

I strained to get a head start on my sleep with lights and chaos around me. This was nowhere near as bad as the times I worked overnight at a fast food chain. Knocking on our door interrupted my dreams, followed by Steve’s booming voice. “Can we come in?” I mentally examined my condition, belly down under the sheets and in PJs. I’m covered. Alice was curled on top of the bed in a robe, and Bailey was still fully dressed.

“Yeah, come in,” Ed called.

Steve and Daisy came in and announced that they’d just gotten back from a date at IHOP with another woman. “We’re polyamorous!” Daisy proclaimed as though announcing an engagement.

Steve interrupted her. “Not so fast, it was one date.” Edward agreed, saying it takes about 12 dates to know for sure, and two years to iron out the wrinkles. No, more like one and a half. Bailey said definitely two years. They met her on that cupid-dating site, and she was still in her scrubs. They showed us her pictures from her profile. Ed thinks he recognizes her. Leave it to my husband with his social prowess to know everybody. I saw her picture and realized I might know her too. Daisy was very high in spirits, describing how their new friend was surprised that there were so many other polyamorous people, having believed that she was the only one, and Daisy had bragged to her about the relationships that she had been in.

I had a flashback to being evaluated in the psychologist’s office as according to the court order. “Do you know others that have a relationship like yours?” she’d asked me. No, we were the only ones I knew. We hadn’t been inspired by anyone else’s example or anything, it just happened.

Now I see maybe we did inspire something.

Steve reminded Ed of how he’d sworn before that he was monogamous, having experimented with having sex with more than one woman at a time. “It’s completely different, though, when you really get to know each other.”

“Exactly!” Ed agreed. He swears he must have an emotional connection with someone to even consider sleeping with them. Because I’m the same way (I assumed everyone was) I never doubt his faithfulness. They continued on about sapiophilia and demiphilia and forniphilia and I tried halfheartedly to go back to sleep.

By the time their relationship gets serious I hope they’ve moved out.