I consider myself to be married to a man and two women, and collectively we have 10 biological children. Our family structure can be misunderstood, which brings us under heavy scrutiny. I write this blog anonymously and with utter honesty to shed some light on how it works.

My pictures are sort of abstracts- there is a connection between the emotions they invoke in me and the posts I compose, but they’re not easily explained. All photos are my own work.


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  1. Hi Charlie, I’m interested in how you started this lifestyle. What influenced you? Were you in love with your husband when you went to live with him and his family? Are you in love with your wives as well? I’ve never heard of poly-fidelity before so I’m intrigued.


  2. Hi…gosh, I have a ton of respect for you in writing this blog. Its not a lifestyle that I know much about, to be honest…but if either of my kids came to me and said this is how they live and love I wouldn’t freak out. So long as they were happy. I hope you are happy. I’m following, because I need to stay informed about this. 🙂


    1. I don’t know much about this lifestyle myself, except for what I know from experience. There are preconceptions others have about what it’s like, most popularly fed by the “Sisterwives” show, which we’ve never seen. I only have a few ideas of what people assume about us, which helps me to be more honest.
      I am so happy and so in love. Last night I was so excited about being together with everyone that I couldn’t sleep!
      I’m glad you would be so accepting of your children, high five for awesome parenting!


      1. Peoples love- life are their own business, in my opinion. I have never seen “Sisterwives” because we don’t get it shown here in the UK – but I can only imagine the horror, if “Housewives of…..” is anything to go by! Its like you thinking that all Scots are like Willie from The Simpsons for example, haha! If I may ask one question though…..if you are religious, how does your faith impact on your relationship? I mean…..if the bible says one man, one woman and that’s IT, how do you feel about contradicting god? (I am not religious, incidentally, but I respect peoples faith and the comfort they get from it)


      2. The Bible doesn’t say “that’s it”, though. Paul warned not to sleep with prostitutes, or else you would be taking your body, a living temple of the Lord’s, and making it one with hers. This means you could take more than 2 bodies and still have ‘one flesh’. Also I point out, in 2Samuel 12:8, God speaks to David through Nathan saying, “I gave your master’s house to you, and your master’s wives into your arms… And if this all had been too little, I would have given you even more.”
        I would like to point out as well, in 1Corinthians Paul says that all things are lawful since Christ died for our sins, and that whatever we believe to be lawful to believe it completely.


  3. Hi! I saw your post on the Community Pool, and you asked what people would be interested in reading! I feel like the blogosphere and wordpress is just an awesome community of people with diverse interests. So some blogs don’t even have a focus. And instead of writing about things or topics you think others would like to read, write whatever you feel like writing or what interests you! It seems like you’re already doing that, and I like what I see so far! Just continue to write, and I’m sure more traffic will come and give you feedback on your writing and content!

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  4. You should go on Loving Without Boundaries! is a nice Poly community, they have a FB group and a website. Your story is very inspiring for a lot of us. Your writing is excellent! That should be your job. Keep up the good work.


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