Coffee for Two .03

I would like to speculate on dreams with you over coffee. I realized that the things that take place in our mind aren’t all that universal. For instance, I discovered that it’s not common for a woman to regularly dream that she’s male. I’ve also learned from others that it’s not universal for people to hear a “voice” when they’re reading text, or when they’re thinking to themselves. I would ask you why you think conversations like this don’t come up, because I personally find it fascinating and will see if the kinds of dreams you describe tell me about who you are as a person. Edward would point out how masculine I sometimes am, and I wasn’t sure that I believed him until I spoke to my female friends about my dreams and they responded that they’d never dreamt of being a man and asked me about my genitalia in my dream. (To answer, I don’t think about my genitals enough in real life for it to come up in my dreams, usually.)

One time I was a father with kids and my wife was threatening to leave me, but usually I’m head over heels and trying to win a woman’s favor, I’m an emperor, or I’m a paladin. These kinds of dreams make me feel powerful the next day, and I like meditating on them. I realize that it’s probably not common to dream you’re a divinely charged warrior, so I wondered what you dream about.


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