A Letter for You

Dear Readers,

I don’t know what to say, and I’ve struggled with this for a few months. That quiet that I’ve referred to that comes before a storm, it’s lasted an awfully long time. Still, there’s a shift in pressure, a momentum building. If you were to ask me how the case is going, I wouldn’t know how to answer, because just like the last time I posted there hasn’t been any big enough changes to mention.

I’ve tried to distract myself with Pokémon Go, but I think it’s finally bored me. Last Saturday I went on a walk to a Pokémon gym up the street, but after 20 minutes there I only knocked down the prestige a few levels. I evolved all the Pokémon I had saved up for a while, and after finishing my task I didn’t have anything else to look forward to. On the way back someone driving made a turn too fast and almost hit me. I remember that in an instant I realized I could have been hit, assumed the driver must not actually see, and threw up my hands to be noticed, still running out of the street. The scream was utterly involuntary.

I don’t think I handle adrenaline as well as other people. My only qualm with hunting is that once I pull the trigger, I shake for hours from the adrenaline. I don’t know if this is at all linked to the migraine that I had later, preceded by an “aura”. Some migraine sufferers are familiar with a combination of weird sensations that occur as a symptom of a migraine before it starts, but this was the first time I’d experienced it myself. I could see, but I couldn’t read. If I focused, I could tell that there was something moving in my peripheral, but at the same time it didn’t register. After 20 minutes of puzzling over my vision, I felt pins and needles from halfway down my left forearm down to my fingertips, and nothing but pins and needles. My knowledge of auras before then came from what I’d read when researching a treatment for the chronic headaches I used to have, but I knew my supervisor had more experiences in this matter than I and described it to her. She confirmed it, and the migraine that came confirmed it, too.

That may be the most eventful thing that’s happened for some time. Aside from that, I bought an ebook, and read it. I don’t have the energy right now to tell you how much happier I’ve been since having a book to read that I liked. I read it twice. I’m content as a cat.

That’s another thing: energy. My job position is being eliminated (the desk job, not the charity job). At first I was excited that I was being forced to look for better opportunities. Now I’m burdened by the thought of it, and Pokémon isn’t distracting enough, and I finished my book twice.

What a dull post I’ve composed. But now you know why I haven’t written and how things have been. Maybe this weekend I’ll sing a different tune for you. Thank you, Readers, for sticking with me.

(Note: Why did I use so many commas this time?)


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