Coffee for Two .02

Good morning! Bailey made coffee this time, and there’s chocolate flavored coffee creamer, with or without sugar. You’re right, that one is hot chocolate mix, so you can make your cup into a mocha if you would like.

How do you feel about Christian music? I feel like the majority of Christian music is like a Mardi-Gras cake. It’s the one with the plastic baby hidden inside if I have it straight, I think the proper name is a King’s Cake. It doesn’t taste good. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal, or why they haven’t changed the recipe. I think it’s only still around because of tradition and nostalgia. I feel the same way about Christian music.

Alice likes it, maybe because she grew up going to church regularly so it has a different meaning to her. I can find music that praises God without the bland flavor, like He is Legend or Flyleaf, and some Emery and Icon for Hire to move the world.

I’m making French toast, by the way, would you like some? I’m frying bananas in butter as a topping, I recommend it.

Let me play for you something from a band Edward introduced to me.

There it is- proof I’m not the only one. Did you catch the verse, “lean with it, rock with it/ when we gonna stop with it/ lyrics that mean nothing/ we were gifted with thought”? Okay maybe he was referring to what’s on the radio in general and not strictly the cheesy, monotonous, redundant music sung in church. What do you think, though?

Oh, try this lavender infused honey on the toast, it’s pretty amazing.

I like the skill of living according to one’s faith in a way that isn’t stifling and benefits even those who don’t share in that belief. I grew up repulsed by the stereotypical Christian life. I almost never went to church and didn’t know what to do when I was there, and the music was probably my least favorite part about the whole thing. Yet naively I listened to Evanescence and Flyleaf because they sounded good. I want to live a life like that, and I would like to write in such a way that I can showcase the good I believe in and not repulse those I reach out to.

I actually think that this idea is related to being polyamorous. I believe in living in love, and I think it is hypocritical to believe that God wants you to love everyone but you have to have a favorite person that you treat as greater than mortal, essentially worshiping them as above human and the source of your fulfillment. That is where I place the blame for the high divorce rate (which is isolated to monogamist relationships). Our culture has grown selfish, but I feel everything trying to balance out, a fissure growing. How can I miss it when I’m caught in it, becoming the change that put me here? Polyamory is growing in popularity (I hate that word, popularity,) but we have to do it right or it will become exactly what we are struggling to diminish.

I went too deep again, didn’t I? I hope you enjoyed the coffee.


Coffee for Two .01

Good morning! I hope you have a warm cup of coffee/tea to enjoy. Mine is the “classic” roast from my local grocery store, brewed in a French press, with a dash of half-and-half but no sweetener. L (my best friend) and I would spend hours at Starbucks and let our Frappuccinos (mine often, though not always, caramel, hers strawberry) melt while we talked. Between us our conversations would often shift to the Bible. We find it to be really interesting, especially with our modern perspective trying to understand the perspective of a person who’d never seen a glowing screen or even a penguin. Our perspectives differ from each other in that I used to practice witchcraft and she used to be Mormon, so she was exposed to it through the filter of her church and I was not exposed at all. I’m self-motivated to read the book myself and come to my own conclusions rather than have someone else create their own context. (Example I had someone say that the Bible condemned my lifestyle, when on the contrary it actually condones it. Nowhere in there did it say that woman cannot lie with woman like she lies with man, just that man cannot lie with man like he lies with woman, in the same book that tells you that you can’t wear blended fabrics. Shame on you for your polyester blend, ya heathen. But that’s okay, because New Commandment, y’all.)

Okay, fine, I’ll stop now. My point was supposed to be that L and I will usually talk about that topic over coffee but I wasn’t going to go there with you. (A little late now, I know.)

For Mother’s Day the Girls came home for the weekend. I was concerned about what that would look like because when I get home from work I will do laundry and dishes and dinner straight away and still have work unfinished. What was that going to look like with 4 more that don’t yet clean up after themselves?

I am relieved to tell you that it was much better than I anticipated. We didn’t have to have everything prepared for the obligatory, court appointed Skype call by 6pm, so that pressure was lifted. And it felt peaceful having all the girls home where they belong, so much that when I went back to work the next day it felt like I was coming back from a weekend break. I finally gave the girls the Pink and Purple Princess Gloves I’d made them. Only Geraldine was enthused, especially because it matched her entirely pink wardrobe.

Guinevere was at first wary of all these new faces in her home, like she is with all strangers, except this wariness melted very quickly, and she enjoyed having all these other girls to play with and enjoyed sharing her toys and drinks with them. Geraldine especially loved making her laugh.

I was doing dishes when behind me I turned to witness Grace squeezing Guinevere’s cheeks together so hard it knocked her on her bum. Guinevere cried and Geraldine was there immediately, kneeling swiftly on the floor behind her. “Oh, come here, baby!” and she YANKED Guinevere into her lap, who willingly curled like a kitten to be consoled, no longer crying. Our children have such kind hearts; it’s stunning.

I’ve wanted to do a #weekendcoffeeshare but limited myself to making the post on the weekend. My weekends are Sundays Mondays, so I need to stop placing this limit on myself or it won’t get done, as you can tell by the layer of dust in this place. I hope you had a great weekend, yourself.

French Espresso