Jedi Child

Bailey and I arrived early with Guinevere and Gaston so that we could reserve enough seats for the family. Unfortunately we misread the ticket for the seventh Star Wars and waited as they cleaned the seventh theatre before Edward and Alice arrived with Ginger, when he pointed to the other end of the theatre. Luckily there were still enough decent seats in a row to fit us together.
I was nervous about being that one person who brought their babies to a movie theatre. At the time, Guinevere was barely one year old, and the other two a few months each. Today I brag about how well behaved Guinevere was. She was pacified with ‘fried corn’, a fried bread pocket of cheese and corn kernels, eating it slowly and switching from wanting me to feed her like a baby to wanting to feed herself like a big girl. “If she starts fussing at all, take her out immediately,” Edward advised. When Guinevere became squirmy I sat her on the seat next to me and kept it from swinging up on her with my thigh. After the change in seating, she was content, and she would assure me as much by rubbing her greasy, cheesy little hand reassuringly on my thigh. So stinkin’ adorable.
The best part (no spoilers): when the bad guys applauded after that one guy made a speech, Guinevere was so excited about it she clapped. Baby, you’re not joining the dark side…


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