Dear Amazing You

Dear Fantastic, Super-Awesome Readers,
To all 51 of you, and those more of you to come, you have made this a great year for me.  If this blog had a birthday we would celebrate it a week from today with chocolate and coffee, or maybe something fizzy for those in a different time zone (five o’clock somewhere, right?). I’m personally not one for resolutions because I believe that if you live each day to the fullest, each day is as special as any other. Tonight we will be staying up if not because we planned to then because the fireworks ensured it, and so I make a toast to you.
Social media sites let me down with their limited character count and for those moments when I would have friends complain to me that I write a lot, which is why I couldn’t keep a Twitter account and didn’t care for the shallowness of FB. A seed was sown in my heart when I discovered REL’s blog (lead singer of Icon for Hire), and the desire was truly kindled in me when I saw the first episode of Sherlock (BBC), as it was recommended to Dr. Watson by his psychiatrist to keep a blog. A week shy of a year ago I Googled about blogging and dove right in. My inhibitions have since melted because of it.
This year my family has battled in two court cases for custody of our children (neither of which are over yet), and two more for irrelevant things (because people). We’ve lost two pets, we’ve moved, Bailey and I got married, Bailey and Alice had babies, and I’ve written a complete rough draft of a novel while working two jobs and keeping up a few hobbies and helping to maintain a house of between five and fourteen inhabitants, depending on the time of year. Thank you for joining me on this wild journey, dearest readers.
-Charlotte Smith


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