The Limit of the Horizon

When I look at a sunset and try to memorize every shade of red and orange, I suspect that my memory will be the only recording of this moment. I don’t bother with cameras, which never capture the right hues. I wouldn’t know at which moment to close the shutter for that perfect moment. What a waste of time to capture the most brief and vibrant of moments by staring at a screen, which is sub par by comparison to what my naked eye can perceive anyway. The camera cannot capture the moisture that builds in the air as the cool of night gathers around me in darkness, or the way the smell of the nearby woods spreads and sharpens the air. I am the only one standing in the parking lot, turning about in circles to see the way that the wisps that extend beyond my reach capture the refracted light.
And what crosses my mind is how limited my perception is. Two miles west of me, someone could be just as enchanted and straining to experience this moment to its fullest potential. They will have a few minutes longer to enjoy it because it’s two miles further from the horizon. The clouds will be arranged differently and may not capture the colors of the star like where I am. That person’s eyes may perceive it differently (maybe they’re color blind, or to a degree that I was not aware of, I am).
And then, there is the rest of the spectrum that the human eye cannot perceive. And did you know that of what our eyes can perceive, some of the data is lost because the brain cannot compute it all?
In this moment, I am limited, and yet I am the only recording of this moment.


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