Does Donald Trump Actually Stink?

I may plan on celebrating Troll Week in August each year. But when living with Edward, any day can be Troll Day.

He discovered that Donald Trump had a team that bought up web domains that could be degrading to the Trump brand. Edward has a thing against people who think they can pay their way through their problems, and so spent a few bucks on a site that Trump’s team missed:

Not even 24 hours in and the number of visitors is in the hundreds. “I’m going to see if Deez Nuts will do an interview.”

“He’s fifteen, he’s in school now.” I read one article about Brady Olson that mentioned briefly that he was getting more requests than he could respond to, and before the school year began.

A few hours later I hear laughter- Deez Nuts responded and agreed to do an email interview. You should totally read all about it, and share. Everywhere.

What do you think he would smell like, anyway? I think he would smell like too many hair products, but Alice thinks he would smell like bigotry and lies.


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