I’ve been too busy pushing forward to really take in the accomplishment our country made on June 26th. I was proud that my generation made a change, so the government truly represented the people just that little bit more. It really sank in when I scrolled through my Facebook last night.

I finally found the rainbow filter and applied it myself. The naysayers put off my mood a little bit, especially when I found that there were people that supported my family structure that were angered by the ruling. You can’t be cool with my family and not be cool with homosexuality- that just makes no sense to me. My enthusiasm was restored by the celebration of supporters. My friends were showing off the window drawings they made on their cars, their rainbow adornments, memes, inspired drawings, and even the reactions of other countries like Ireland and Germany, also celebrating our step forward.

Bailey was the first to inform me about the ruling. I responded to her written message by saying, ‘we can get married now!’ referring to me and her, so that the four of us would all be married, even if it wasn’t to ‘each other’.

‘And we can even change our names for free! Let’s get married Sunday!’ Her spontaneity freaks me out sometimes. I was trying to make a suggestion as to when would be a better time, and wondered, what are we waiting for?


Note: Edward reminded me that they’re closed Sundays, and he’s going out of town, so we’ll be waiting for him to get back before we discuss tying the knot. We need to look into the legality of name changing.


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