Video Game Logic

I focus on the echo, not the sound, of my steps on the wet asphalt, the contents of the bags I carry shifting with each step. The echo is my blinders as I focus on my steps ahead, a metronome, the only diversion from the monotony being to step in the shallowest of puddles or around the mud heaps that built up in the street.

Something else broke the monotony. I had ignored most of the construction site around me, until my eyes landed upon a few water bottles abandoned on the small patch of sidewalk that had been created recently.

Initially, my thought was, ‘I hate that construction workers tend to leave their trash,’ and brainstorm ways they can keep their trash together. Upon closer examination I noticed that two of the bottles were unopened. Mh, bottled water…

+1 water bottle

+1 water bottle

I considered the third one. I could dump it and take the bottle to work where we have recycle bins. I calculated the weight of my inventory and decided otherwise.


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