Super Powers

It takes a character like Cortana to make me dream big for myself. I will mention again, the Ladies have a respect for Dr. Halsey of the Halo series. Her character is so intelligent that her mind became the blueprint for a top-of-the-line AI. The battle my family fights is not to prolong the human species, but is just to defend human equality. I want to be more capable. One of my favorite lines is, “I’m not walking around the ship I built with my hands cuffed.”

Sometimes I think it’s too late for me to be as impressive as I want to be. I was introduced to technology in my teens, all my peers had consoles and computers before I got a big-back, glass screen computer, and eventually a dysfunctional laptop that went online for one day before the battery completely expired. I didn’t get the early start that most super geniuses were gifted with. I don’t even have my twenties to catch up, because I have to take the most efficient money making route to keep the family afloat. I wanted to go to a sort of boot camp for nerds and learn to do programing. I wanted to become certified as an accountant. I can’t even go to school right now, and I’m not as good with numbers as I thought I was. Maybe I had apophenia, and perhaps it’s the ability to recognize patterns that made me believe I was good at equations for the figures.

Sometimes I remember a book by the name of “The Prophecy of the Stones”. After falling into a lake of memories, one of the protagonists sees all these faces surrounding her before she gets pulled back up into the boat. These visions are seen through the eyes of a girl dying many years before this scene takes place in her dream. One of the faces is her own, and she comes to the realization that in order for these protagonists to save the world, she needs to survive so that they can even exist.

I may not be a super genius. I suspect my husband may be close. And Guinevere, who greeted the world quickly, quietly, and with open and observant eyes, amazes me with the rate at which she sponges up everything around her. She and her siblings are very intelligent. I may not be able to become a doctor, but I do have an influence on the future. For example, with this case, I know we will win. It’s a matter of how. We want to teach our kids that you can’t be controlled with money; that Liberty is worth the fight. Jefferson himself said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.” We will teach our children that we will fight for what’s right, and maybe further along the bloodline, when it comes down to protecting our species, it will be because of our sacrifices that we pull through, knowing that it is worth the fight.


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