The Prince of the Universe

The Smiths are getting into Halo. When our schedules sync and the Boys are sent to bed, we turn on the Blu-ray player and pull up YouTube and immerse ourselves in the 26th century in the time that the humans race the Covenant to gain control over Forerunner artifacts in an effort to save the species and even those of the entire galaxy.

Doctor Catherine Halsey is probably the Ladies’ favorite character. We love Cortana, who was designed from Dr. Halsey’s brain, and have a huge respect for Dr. Halsey’s intelligence. “But she’s a criminal mastermind,” Edward reminds us. Bailey retorts, “yeah, but she’s such a bad@$$!”

In the beginning of Halo 4, it’s explained that Dr. Halsey had kidnapped children to train them to be super soldiers. Initially they were created to suppress humans, but the timing was perfect and they were prepared when they under attack by an intergalactic group. She has a Machiavellian approach to her project. “Dr. Halsey, you’re bending history for your own benefit, and you know it,” her interrogator accuses.

Was she wrong in what she did? What does it really mean to be wrong? What does it mean to be right?

It occurred to me, that being right is basically having the most power. How is a King able to rule? Everyone listens to him, which amplifies his voice, and then he has the military to back him up. That’s a loud voice. How do elitists have the influence they do? Their money is their power, and they have a lot of it. And for rebellions? Enough people unite and are able to amplify their voice to be able to define what’s ‘right’.

Those with power decide who’s right.

In our culture in America today, it’s ‘right’ to have a single partner and be in a heterosexual relationship, because a majority of people were raised to believe that it’s right (of course we’re in the midst of possibly overthrowing this idea). The other side says that it’s right for everyone to have a choice. These are just ideas that have been cemented in our minds, and depending on perspective, all ideas are ‘right’.

Applying this to religious beliefs, this is why God is always right: he has all power.


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