“I’m Going to be Famous!” *Gulp*

The daffodil rests peacefully in the shade of the tree, reclined against a stone, quietly taking in the scenery of the garden and swaying in the soft breeze.

This is a silly, poetic sentence, envisioning my introverted nature and my desire for seclusion and privacy.

That hope has been shattered. I’ve been cut and placed in a vase in the middle of a table in the middle of a café, surrounded on all sides for everybody to stare. Might as well get used to the publicity, and try to enjoy it.

Edward went out and composed an Indiegogo so we might be able to stand our ground at the next stage of the game (court is not cheap). Those of you who were curious about what I look like, I’m the blue-eyed one in a blue shirt with Guinevere in the baby carrier.

Thank you, everybody, for your support. Even if it’s only curiosity that brought you to my corner of the web, that extends our reach that much further. We’ve always felt a desire to change the world for the better; apparently you have to be in a sticky situation to be able to clean the mess.

This is my family. It's not everybody, and it's not recent, but we can attest to everyone's happiness.
This is my family. It’s not everybody (you can’t get an entire family this big into one photo), and it’s not recent (we’ve had two additions since), but we can attest to everyone’s happiness. Just look at the smiles!

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