Curves and Confidence (Part Two)

This post contains content that may be considered inappropriate for those under 13 years of age.

Leave it to my husband to minister to a stripper. We’re not like other Christians that draw the lines where society does and say that it’s in the name of Jesus. We understand that God, who knew us before we were, knows that we’re screw ups and isn’t going to kick us out of the house for spilling the milk (and honey) so long as we apologize and mean it. That’s basically what we say to non-believers that have met nothing but Bible beaters of the Christian religion.

We also like to be that breath of fresh air to others. We spoke with our server about her dreams of acting and her take on breastfeeding and gave pointers to Rosalie about tactics for making more tips.

As we left I understood what the benefits could have been in using the valet. The gutters coming off of this building were pouring rivers over the sidewalk, and the car was now parked in a lake. Even my boots couldn’t save my socks. We headed over to my workplace to pick up Bailey, and on the way did some snorkeling. The roads that were not in the flood plain had water levels above the sidewalk in some places. I was seeing waterfalls in the street, and prayed that it wouldn’t damage the car, remembering the news clip about the woman that drove around the barricade that was taken away from the current in the street almost a week ago.

A friend of mine is battling a similar war, but doesn’t have the support I do. She too has been abused by her father. Fathers are given the role of providing the best for their family. They are supposed to help their daughters understand that they are valuable, and teach them what to look for in a man. She and I have to do that for ourselves now. I’ve been blessed so far. I may struggle with valuing myself, but sometimes I can see myself in my mind and smile at what I see.

I wish the same for her.

Instead of shying away from it, she showcases it. Sometimes I will do something I think is wrong in order to be corrected, so that I can know that there is a line and whether or not it is one that can be crossed, and if so, under what circumstances. But when it comes to sex, it’s more difficult for me to have that approach. I finally understand that I am appreciated, and I try to protect that by not doing something reckless. She doesn’t have an idea of herself that she can shatter, so she pushes the envelope. I think she sees herself as a free spirit, unbound by the norms of society. She has nothing to lose, and believes that there is nothing to gain but a sense of feeling. We all just want to feel like we are treasured.


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