Coming Soon

I took a break for one weekend in celebration of my birthday. I didn’t take the day off of work, so we celebrated Sunday when everyone could get together. I had still been fighting postpartum depression, and I think being surrounded by people who support me and my family cured me.

The next day Damian took me to that bookstore we’d been intending to go to since we met. I had been going through my obsessive knitting phase and so scoured the shelves for knitting, as well as for crocheting not because I can but because people mix up those arts and the books along with it. I searched through and through the clearance shelves and was greatly disappointed. Not a single pattern that truly stood out to me as something I wanted to do- I’d had more luck on Pinterest by far. Damian on the other hand found some vinyls for her record player.

Afterwards we went to a yarn store I adore simply because it has more than acrylic yarn. She told me to pick some out as my birthday present, and with a teething toy in mind I picked two small skeins of cotton. She kind of went through the rest of the store and asked, “What about this one? Here, this one too. You’ll want more of this one in case you run out, right?” She added more and more to the rubber bucket that was given to us, and the toys I designed in my head became more dynamic, with more textures, shapes, pieces, colors…

That evening I finished up an owl I had started for Guinevere to free up my needles. The owl pattern I used needs some tailoring and clarification, and I found another neat pattern to put to use a yarn that I never would have chosen for myself. Therefore, stay tuned for a link to a Ravelry account I clearly need to start.


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