Name my Dog

On the way home from work a year ago Bailey picked up a stray. We were intending to rehome her. She’s a medium-sized mutt that’s very good with children. When Grace was Guinevere’s age, she would follow her into whichever room Alice took Grace into, and if she wasn’t allowed in she would curl up right outside the door as if guarding Grace, and even let her pull on her large ears and cheeks.

She’s cream colored with white patches. She had more manners when we picked her up (she knew sit from the start) than she does now since the kids especially let her get away with things. Everyone that visits falls in love with her and offers to take her home, but for some reason we can’t seem to ‘get rid’ of her. We may or may not still be looking for a home for her, but she definitely will find her way into future posts. So…. what shall her name be? You get to pick!


3 thoughts on “Name my Dog

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