Daisy’s News

Daisy picked me up from work in her Volks Wagon beetle. The sky was beautiful, a pink glow emanating through the blurred outlines of rainclouds in the distance, grey as stone. “So what was the result?” I demanded as I clambered in.

“Did Ed not send you the picture?”

“What picture?” I hate feeling left out. It’s usually because of my job, too.

“Oh, I guess he didn’t. It was positive.”

“I called it!” I pumped my fist into the air. It’s like after having a baby, I can sense a pregnancy. I’ve been thoroughly convinced that each of the ladies and Daisy were pregnant just as they started to consider it a possibility. Daisy tried to discredit me by saying that one of the other ladies said it first, but I assured her I’d been certain of it for longer. “Do you still have a test left?”

“I should somewhere, I have to find it.”

“Could I use it? Don’t tell the others, though. They still have to testify, and I don’t want the petitioner’s attorney pointing out that we’re pregnant without insurance.”

“It would probably be better if you wait until after you testify,” she advised.

I retorted, “I already testified. The others still need to though.”

“Oh I got you.” She concluded by holding out her pinky. I obliged and wrapped mine around hers. “I won’t tell anyone.”


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