Birds of a Feather

I strained to get a head start on my sleep with lights and chaos around me. This was nowhere near as bad as the times I worked overnight at a fast food chain. Knocking on our door interrupted my dreams, followed by Steve’s booming voice. “Can we come in?” I mentally examined my condition, belly down under the sheets and in PJs. I’m covered. Alice was curled on top of the bed in a robe, and Bailey was still fully dressed.

“Yeah, come in,” Ed called.

Steve and Daisy came in and announced that they’d just gotten back from a date at IHOP with another woman. “We’re polyamorous!” Daisy proclaimed as though announcing an engagement.

Steve interrupted her. “Not so fast, it was one date.” Edward agreed, saying it takes about 12 dates to know for sure, and two years to iron out the wrinkles. No, more like one and a half. Bailey said definitely two years. They met her on that cupid-dating site, and she was still in her scrubs. They showed us her pictures from her profile. Ed thinks he recognizes her. Leave it to my husband with his social prowess to know everybody. I saw her picture and realized I might know her too. Daisy was very high in spirits, describing how their new friend was surprised that there were so many other polyamorous people, having believed that she was the only one, and Daisy had bragged to her about the relationships that she had been in.

I had a flashback to being evaluated in the psychologist’s office as according to the court order. “Do you know others that have a relationship like yours?” she’d asked me. No, we were the only ones I knew. We hadn’t been inspired by anyone else’s example or anything, it just happened.

Now I see maybe we did inspire something.

Steve reminded Ed of how he’d sworn before that he was monogamous, having experimented with having sex with more than one woman at a time. “It’s completely different, though, when you really get to know each other.”

“Exactly!” Ed agreed. He swears he must have an emotional connection with someone to even consider sleeping with them. Because I’m the same way (I assumed everyone was) I never doubt his faithfulness. They continued on about sapiophilia and demiphilia and forniphilia and I tried halfheartedly to go back to sleep.

By the time their relationship gets serious I hope they’ve moved out.