I lay Guinevere in her basinet. The basinet is crammed between a small corner desk and the play pen that serves as Grace’s crib until she moves into the big girls’ room. Ten month old Grace pulls down the blue blanket I had hung on the edge of the basinet, tugging on it and tangling it around her feet, fussing from frustration. “Don’t take that, your sister’s using it! Look, you already have one.” I unwrap it from around her legs and start to tuck it under Guinevere when Grace starts wailing. Experimentally I hand it back to her. She snatches it up and goes quiet.

“Really?” I ask. Alice watches, dumbfounded. “Fine then,” I announce, and I take the pink blanket from right next to her, and turn my body to hide it from her view.

I wait.


“Really?” I tuck the pink one under Guinevere.

Unaware of the event that took place, Bailey comes in and sees Grace with her thumb in her mouth and the blue blanket bundled in her arms like an adored stuffed animal.

“Grace has this obsession with that blue blanket,” she informs us.


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