Excited about my new hobby, I looked to improve myself in skill and to take advantage of the pool of consciences I could reach out to by playing around in this post….

Which led me to this post….

Religion is a personal subject for a lot of people. Starting a few years ago, I joined that group of people, and so my response violated WordPress’s rules on comments. It was reeaaally long. But I couldn’t effectively abbreviate it, so I’m posting here.

A quick story on my background: I used to not like ‘Christianity’, didn’t understand it, didn’t get along with avid ‘Christians’ (I know now that it’s because they didn’t live it), and so practiced witchcraft and such until I was born again about 3 years ago. From this perspective, I’ll address these questions:

Why do we pray?

I’m so glad you (Tahaninelson) asked this question! I used to wonder this myself. My husband is the only Christian who helped me to have Faith, and he helped me to approach the Bible from the heart. Start with this- God made us in his likeness and in his image. What do we want most? To be loved. What does God want? To be loved, and that is why we are here. Jesus says, ‘Who of you when your son asks you for a snake would give him a serpent?’ (quoting from memory, pardon any inaccuracies). As our father, he wants to make us happy. He wants for us to ask him for things so that he can provide. Jesus says that the Father knows what we want, all we need to do is ask. That is why we pray.

Also consider Genesis 18:22-33, when Abraham pleads for Sodom. God, being all knowing, allowed for Abraham to ‘change God’s mind’ about wiping out the city. If God was so easily controlled by the words of man, he wouldn’t have told Abraham about his plan.

Why would I desire to go to Heaven?

On your question in regards to Heaven, this is harder to address because, even though Heaven is mentioned in the Bible here and there, I realized after reading it cover-to-cover three times or so that it gives very little information about Heaven, with most of the focus being on here with the living. The glorious thing about heaven is being with the Creator. When you get close to him and you feel the Spirit moving within you, you feel this high and hunger to be closer to him. If you know this feeling, you don’t question the motivation of being that much closer to him. And in regards to the change on Earth and the lack of it in Heaven- I don’t think there is a lack. I feel like there is a lot more to the story that we’re not ready to hear that didn’t get included in our ‘guidebook to the Universe’ (aka Bible).

Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry this is so wordy…


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  1. I approved the comment on my page, so it is now visible there as well. Thank you so much for putting so much thought and time into your response! I’m never really sure who to ask these questions to, and I never imagined that my ramblings on wordpress would elicit so many thoughtful and eloquent responses! Lovely!


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