Our Struggle

“I am a foreigner to my own family, a stranger to my own mother’s children” Psalm 69:8

About two or three years ago I did a 180 and became a whole other person. Actually, I didn’t, but it looked that way to my biological family when I moved out to live with a grown man and his wife, ‘girlfriend’, and kids. My family thought I must have been brainwashed, my mom even read a book titled “Cults in our Midst” to feed her fears. I didn’t understand why it was taboo, I was in love and I was sheltered from the discrimination that the LGBTQ community suffers, being friends with many members. It runs in my family for us to up and leave when we feel like it, which I’d been preparing to do for a quite a while, being in my cautious nature to wait for the perfect opportunity. I could have sworn my family saw it coming- after all I had been griping about moving for half my life. However, everyone went into a panic, resulting in bribes one imagines only being offered in realistic fiction novels, an immediate family member getting arrested, my car getting sabotaged, and rare, awkward rendezvous half-full of small talk, half of uncomfortable silence, followed by hugs that last too long and melancholy reminiscing of when I was ‘normal’. One of my wives has exactly the same experiences with her family, save for the arrest. The other wife thought our families were a little crazy until hers went over the top and sued us for custody of our kids.

That battle drones on, and it’s ruled our lives for over a year now. It’s not even legally possible for us to be in the position that we’re in, and it’s been a long, freakish nightmare. We are saved by grace, however. As unlikely as it should be, we have food on the table and a roof over our heads; we have heat, transportation, clothing, and all the utilities. When we think we’re at rock bottom, we tell each other, ‘here it comes,’ and the Lord provides everything, just in time. We understand this to be a test from the Lord to refine and strengthen us, certainly to humble us, but also to help others like us, people who live fearlessly for what they love. Despite everyone’s efforts to tear us apart, we grow stronger together due to the hardships we endure.


One thought on “Our Struggle

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